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Monday, August 1, 2011

Day 3 and still in Heaven....

My good friend Mimi came over today so we could "play" in my studio. She wanted to embroidery a large tablecloth she's making. After catching up and showing her some of the awesomeness of the new machine, we picked 3 Shashiko designs from the LE embroidery CD.

Here's the final product (well, part of it, anyway):
One of the advantages of keeping my 730, is that I have now 2 each of the standard hoops, so I could hoop the next section while the last one was stitching out.

Here's a shot of the machine's screen while it was stitching:

I was hoping to get my jeans done (I only have the belt loops, waistband and hems to do), but didn't, so here's a shot of the back.
I used the dual feed quite a bit--it is so easy to engage. You just pull down a lever in the back of the machine, and swing under the foot. SO much easier than trying to attach a walking foot, and more options for presser feet, too.

Finally, I thought I'd show you some more coolness on the machine. When you do something like open the bobbin door or start to thread the machine, animations are displayed on the screen to show you what to do. It's really handy since it keeps you from having the pull out the manual so much. Here's what the screen looks like when you start to thread the machine.

And when you've threaded the machine, the needle threader button lights up (lower left corner). Yeah, this machine threads the needle for you, too. (does not work on double & triple needles and needles size 8 and smaller, but come on, this is still a really awesome feature)

Tomorrow I plan to do some machine embroidery/applique.

Happy Sewing,

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