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Saturday, August 21, 2010

My BFF is back!

My dear Madeline(my new Bernina) has been in the shop for a cleaning for almost 3 weeks now, but she's home now. I've missed her so!
I was in California a couple of weeks ago for a family wedding and hit my favorite fabric store, Stone Mountain & Daughter, in Berkeley. For the fabric junkies, you'll understand my pain--arriving home with a fresh, delicious stack of fabric while my machine is in the shop. SOOO, I pulled my Elna from the dark corner where she's been pouting. I've had a guilty thought in the back of mind ever since I brought the new Bernina home. Maybe my Elna isn't such a bad machine. I never did have time to take the dealer's classes, so maybe I've just never learned how to make the most out of her.
Well, I was wrong. It's not that the Elna is a bad machine, but the Bernina is just so far superior. I know I sound like an ad, but it's the truth. And to be completely fair, the different in price is thousands of dollars. I'm sure for lots of sewing folks out there, it isn't worth the investment, but it is for me. Even my husband has noticed how much better my work is.
Off to my shop for now--I'll post photos of my fabric finds and latest projects in my next post.

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